The awakened heart of compassion is the elixir of medicines ~ Levine.

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Natalie Wharton-Lake

Massage and Energy Healing
The Healing Nat

I started my journey in the healing business in 2001 with an Ashtanga yoga teacher training in San Francisco at It’s Yoga. I was so transformed from the experience that I started to think about ways that I could help make people feel better. It was a few years later, after a move to San Diego in 2002, that I decided to go to massage school, September 2003. I felt like I had found my people. Like minded people who understood when I talked about cleansing, negative energy, or the universe. When I used words like manifested, or angels, or intuition, none looked at me like I was crazy, noone judged me, and I felt like I was home.I learned so much about people, our bodies, our spirits, and the connection between all of it. More and more people are getting massage, energy healing, and taking better care of themselves, and I am happy to be a part of it everyday. “I am but a catalyst, an antenna for the healing energy to come through to you. Your ultimate freedom from tension and pain is up to you”. Hope to Guide you soon.
Love Natalie Wharton-Lake